Insurance Analysis

Insurance is a necessary part of life because it is an essential tool for managing risk.  It is designed to protect against the uncontrolled contingencies of health, death, natural disasters, and any loss of assets.  Risk management is one of the more difficult components of the financial planning process because it addresses the unknown, the intangible, and the unexpected.  We will advise you of the ramifications of loss due to poor risk management.  In most cases, clients are more successful at risk management when it deals with property and casualty than with that of their most valuable asset, themselves.  For some reason, visualizing a damaged fender or fire in a house is easier than accepting the possibility of illness, disability, or death.

You are more important than your “stuff,” and we will make sure you and your family are protected.  We will look at your existing policies to see if you are adequately protected.  Many times we find that policies are not needed, do not offer enough coverage, are too expensive, or projected to lapse before their time.  We specialize in life, long-term care, and disability, because we want to protect you.